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Fryer, Floor Model "Ventless" Dual 15lb Electric - 208/240V, WVF-886 by Wells. Fryer, Floor Model 50lb - 208V/60/3, 1ER50A by Vulcan. Fryer, Large Volume 48lb, Auto-Lift, Round Well - 208/240V, ALF-F by BKI.
Fryer, Floor Model "Ventless" 55lb Electric - 208/240V, WVAE-55FC by Wells. Pressure Fryer, 64 lbs Oil 208V-240V - LP46, by Winston Pressure Fryer, 75 lbs Oil 208V-240V - LP56, by Winston
Fryer, Electric Floor Model 50 Lb -208/240V, RE14 by Frymaster. Pressure Fryer, High Volume 75lb Round Well Electric - FKM-F by BKI. BKI Pressure Fryer, High Volume 48lb Round Well Electric - LPF-F by BKI.
BKI Fryer, Large Volume 75lb, Auto-Lift, Round Well - 208/240V - BLF-F by BKI. Fryer, Donut Open Pot - 208/240V - DNF-F by BKI. Fryer, Floor Model 30lb Electric - 36ES11 by Garland.
Fryer, Floor Model 70lb Electric - 36ES21 by Garland. Fryer, Floor Model 30lb Electric - S18F by Garland. Fryer, Digital Model 50lb - 208V/60/3 - 1ER50D by Vulcan.
Fryer, Computer Control Floor Model 50lb - 208V/60/3 - 1ER50C by Vulcan. Fryer, Floor Model 50lb With Filtration - 208V/60/3, 1ER50AF-1 by Vulcan. Fryer, Digital Model 50lb With Filtration - 208V/60/3 - 1ER50DF by Vulcan.
Fryer, Computer Computer Control Model 50lb With Filtration - 208V/60/3 - 1ER50CF-1 by Vulcan. Fryer, Electric Floor Model 40lb - SR114E by Dean. Donut Fryer System, Complete 24" x 24" 208/240/1 - 624-240V-1-B-EZ by Belshaw.
Donut Robot System, Complete 91 Dozen Per Hour - MARKVI-DEEP by Belshaw.