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Drink Mixer, Single Spindle, 3 Speed, HMD200 by Hamilton Beach. Juicer, Citrus, Manual, J210 by Rachand. Juicer, Commercial Citrus J-1 - 8 by Sunkist .
Refrigerator, Narrow Back Bar Cooler 2 Door - Stainless, TBB-24-60-S by True. Refrigerator, Horizontal Bottle Cooler, 24" - Black, TD-24-7 by True. Refrigerator, Horizontal Bottle Cooler 50" - Black, TD-50-18 by True.
Refrigerator, Draft Beer Cooler 1 Door 1 Tower, Portable - Stainless, TDD-1-S by True. Refrigerator, Draft Beer Cooler 2 Door 2 Tower - Stainless, TDD-3-S by True. Accelerator Tool, 760 by Vita-Mix.
Juicer, Vegetable, 6001C by Waring. Refrigerator, Back Bar Cooler 1 Door - Black, TBB-1 by True. Refrigerator, Narrow Back Bar Cooler 3 Door - Stainless, TBB-24-72-S by True.
Blender, Bar 64oz Clear Container - Black Base. MX1000XTX by Waring. Blender, Bar 64oz Clear Container - Black Base With Sound Enclosure. MX1500XTX by Waring. Wedger, Manual - 6 Cut Model Number 55550-6 by Nemco.
Wedger, Manual - 8 Cut Model Number 55550-8 by Nemco. Wedger, Manual - 10 Cut Model Number 55550-10 by Nemco. Wedger, Manual - 8 Cut With Corer Model Number 55550-8C by Nemco.
Juicer, Vegetable, J80 Ultra by Robot Coupe. Glasswasher, Underbar Low Temp., Delta-1200 by Jackson. Lime Press, Manual, J195 by Rachand.
Refrigerator, Back Bar Cooler 1 Door - Stainless, TBB-1-S by True. Drink Mixer, Triple Spindle, 3 Speed, HMD400 by Hamilton Beach. Retainer Nut Wrench, 15596 by Vita-Mix.
Portable Bar, 48" Stainless Steel Interior - Black Laminate Exterior, CB-44-1595-60 by FWE Blender, Hi-Power 64oz Cont. Keypad - MX1050XTX by Waring. Juicer, Citrus - Electric, JUC-200 by Bar Maid.
Juicer, Citrus - Electric, JUC-100 by Bar Maid. Glasswasher, Underbar Low Temp., Delta-5-E by Jackson. Juicer, Vegetable, J100 ULTRA by Robot Coupe.

Bar Refrigeration

Aside from jumping feet first into a clear mountain lake, what is more refreshing than an ice-cold beer? That is what every bar manager wants you to think about when you walk in. The key to this experience is bar refrigeration.

A multitude of equipment come together to create a good bar layout that not only meets all the requirements of the bar, but also provide the appeal that it requires.

Back Bar Coolers: We offer a wide range of back bar coolers to choose from. These come in black or stainless steel finish, have solid or glass, hinged or sliding doors to merchandise the bottles and show off the various labels you offer.

Draft Beer Coolers: The "draft beer cooler" is vital for offering ice-cold draft beers and micro-brews. These are typically placed in the front portion of the bar hidden from the customer except for the towers and beer taps that come up above the bar top. Another form of beer tap coolers includes what is called a "Club Top." This section can be used for convenient access to chilled bottles or a great place to store glasses and mugs for a fast frosting.

Wine Refrigerators: A new and popular twist to tap refrigerators are for wine tapping. These machines use a different temperature range and thus thermostats are set between 55 and 60 degrees for red wines, 49 and 56 degrees for white wines, and 49 and 51 degrees for rose' wines.

Please take your time when looking through the bar refrigeration products we offer. Of course, please call us for any product assistance you may need.