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Kleen Plug, Beer Tap Plug - Set of 5, KLP200 by San Jamar. Sink, Underbar 24" Single Speed Rail, S-24 by Krowne. Sink, Underbar 30" Single Speed Rail, S-30 by Krowne.
San Jamar Kleen Plug, Beer Tap Plug - Set of 5 - KLP200
Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.49
5 each per pack
Sink, Underbar 36" Single Speed Rail, S-36 by Krowne. Sink, Underbar 48" Single Speed Rail, S-48 by Krowne. Sink, Underbar 24" Double Speed Rail, D-24 by Krowne.
Sink, Underbar 30" Double Speed Rail, D-30 by Krowne. Sink, Underbar 36" Double Speed Rail, D-36 by Krowne. Keg/Trash Can Dolly, All Metal, DOL-100 by Bar Maid.
Beverage Tub, "Galvanized Collection" 18 1/2" Diameter, GT1515 by TableCraft. Beverage Tub, "Galvanized Collection" 15" x 9" x 7 1/2" , GT159 by TableCraft. Pail, "Galvanized Collection" 3" Diameter , GT33 by TableCraft.
Pail, "Galvanized Collection" 4" Diameter , GT44 by TableCraft. Pail, "Galvanized Collection" 8" Diameter , GT87 by TableCraft.