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Deli Cases

Generally, all Deli cases are designed to meet NSF standard 7 to hold open food containers to facilitate displaying of salads, cheeses, meats, fish etc. The basic technology that they use is “gravity coil refrigeration system”. This system provides high humidity environment for exceptional preservation of meats and deli products. This should not be confused with similar looking bakery cases which typically use a forced air refrigeration system instead.

Deli cases come in a variety of designs; they can be full height or low profile and can have slanted straight glass fronts or a more modern curved glass front. The slanted style glass reduces glare and reflections from store lighting. Many curved glass front units offer a lift-up glass for easier cleaning. They all have sliding rear doors for access to the inside. Units with front doors are available as well. “Single-duty” models offer only interior storage space, whereas “Double-duty” models offer an additional lower storage cabinet for back up storage capacity unseen by the customer.

Traditionally, these come in a white overall exterior finishes and add a touch of simplicity and hospitality to your storage area. Stainless steel finishes are also available. In contrast, bakery cases often come with colored laminate or wood tone finished to blend with the decor of the store.

When choosing a unit, consider the size carefully. It is nice to have a large display area, but only if you have enough items to fill it. A lot of empty space may make the case look less appealing. Many sizes are available so check the number of interior shelves and overall length of the units when making a choice. High-end cases are also available with a number of features like a rear mounted wrapping shelf, scale shelf with electrical outlet, reflected rear doors, door locks and more. Low profile units may be more convenient if you plan to have a scale on top for operators to use and they can also hand product to customers over the top. With the low profile units you will likely have room for only one or two shelves inside the deli case.

Please contact us for details about all deli cases so we can help you choose the perfect case for your store.